Issue 2 – March 2017

Welcome to the Second Issue of The Dragon’s Journal!


We are a group of homeschooled students living in central Ohio who are pursuing journalism as an educational project. In this issue, we introduce a new feature: The Podium, a section that invites multiple writers to weigh in on a new topic each month.  We hope you enjoy this month’s debate and that you consider writing a response for next issue!

We have extended the submission date for The Podium!

New contributors this month:

— The members of The Dragon’s Journal project.

In this Issue:

News and Analysis:survey-1594962_1280

Polling in the United States – by Meshach M.
The strengths and weaknesses of a powerful political tool

Indivisible and the Affordable Care Act  by Aaron M.
An attempt to get Rep. Pat Tiberi to listen to local concerns about changes in the Affordable Care Act


Rejection by Meshach M.

The End of the World, or Not  by Aaron M.
Fiction… or not.

Odysseus and the Siren Advertising Co. by Quinn P. and Devan P.
An entertaining social commentary using characters from Greek myths in modern times

The 39 Steps: A Review  by Aaron M.
Watching one of Hitchcock’s earliest thrillers is a real treat.

Home, Garden and Cooking:potatoes-913188_1280

Aloo Masala by Daksha L.
Potatoes in India

Germinating Seeds by Marisa T.
How to successfully start your garden plants inside your house


Repurposing – The Story of the 3D Printer by Elizabeth S.
The invention of the 3D wonder

Medieval Swords by Quinn P.
The design, forging process, and use of these mighty weapons

The Lost Boys of Sudan by Edee M.
The incredible story of refugees escaping from the Sudanese civil war

dusk-2069612_1920Advantages and Disadvantages of Electricity Sources by Devan P.
A break down of the current systems used to generate electricity

Straws are Tubular by Lucy C.-R.
Have you ever wondered why we drink out of straws?

Benefits of Pets by Claire M.
Sure, they are cute and cuddly. But they may be giving you much more than affection.

skunkWhy does Architecture Look the Way it Does? by Aaron M.
A look at the ways that American architecture has changed from the 1880’s to the present day.

Skunks Everywhere by Gabo C.-R.
Numerous neighborhood sightings and some consequences


The State of Our Nation by Meshach M.
The recent political change and the reactions it has spawned are unprecedented.

The Podium
Our writers weigh in on the question: What Pets are Best?

Invitation from The Podium



Ninja Fish #2 by Violet M.
The next installment of our favorite aquatic librarian superhero


Why is There a Pi Day? by Claire M.
A whimsical take on a day that combines pastry and math

Puzzles and Games:

Riddle with Scissors by Joseph T.
Mazes! by Finn M. and Joseph T.
Fruit Scramble by Lucy C.-R.
Giant Word Search by Joseph T. and Finn M.

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