Arrival Review: Not Your Typical Aliens-On-Earth Movie

Instead of every intruder is evil, what if they are just different and have an individual outlook on life.


Movie Review
by EdithAnna M.

Arrival takes you by surprise and gives you a whole new outlook on life. It is not your typical aliens-land-on-earth movie. And that is definitely a good thing.

Arrival’s amazing cast, including Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker, paired with a deep, compelling plot creates an almost perfect film. Other than the camera constantly changing focus from one character to another and making everything else blurry, there is very little about Arrival to criticize.

When aliens land on earth, a linguist, Dr. Louise Banks, is asked to try to communicate with them.  As she and the aliens attempt to understand each other, Dr. Banks starts to realize that these aliens might not perceive almost life the way we do. They seem to think in a way almost incomparable to now we think.  There is something profoundly different about them.

In the film, governments all over the world act as they tend to do in real life, with fear. They draw conclusions before the evidence is complete and proven. Dr. Banks is not one to jump to conclusions. She is more likely to think everything through first, but she may be the only one.

Arrival makes you wonder how much we do not know about the very lives we are living.