Graphic Novels vs. Comics

So what is the difference between graphic novels and comics?


folders-1143684_1920by Lucy C.-R.

The difference between graphic novels and comics is small, but clear. Comics (also called comic books) are released one issue at a time. Graphic novels however are released all at once in a book. Also graphic novels only have one plot whereas most comics have 2-5 stories in a single binding.

Web comics are comics too, but they are sometimes turned into graphic novels such as Smile by Raina Telgemeier. Web comics are often released page by page online rather than printed.

There are also newspaper comics, which are more for humor. Newspaper comics are much shorter then comics or graphic novels seeing as most of them are released six days a week. News paper comics normally have 3-5 panels, but some have only one while others have more than 5. Although each strip is short you can have a story that lasts a week or more.

Both graphic novels and comics have existed for a long time.  However, for a long time comics were mostly about super heroes and geared to boys. Now there are lots of graphic novels for both boys and girls. There are also different comic books like Paper Girls or Lumberjanes which are comic books about girls.

In the end there is a very clear line between the two. Comics are released in issues and graphic novels are released all at once together in a book, although there can be more than one book in a series. Both newspaper comics and web comics are comics but are published differently from normal comics.