The Spy

A cat can bring companionship. This one brought a little more.



by Claire M.

It was the cold peak of the winter. Every night I was so cold. After I thought about it for awhile, I decided I needed a cat. A cat would keep me warm, I thought.

The next day I begged my mom to get me a cat. I explained my reasons.

She sighed, but said, “Maybe.”

After school, I saw my mom come into the room with a dirty cat. She gave it to me to wash. When I washed it I found out that it was black. I named it Ziggy.

That night when I snuggled up with Ziggy, I was nice and warm. I fell asleep happily. In the middle of the night I woke up to a noise. Ziggy wasn’t next to me. I saw a small shape shift across the floor. Then, it went out the door of my room. I fell back asleep.

The next night the same thing happened. Ziggy snuggled up with me and I woke up to a sound. I saw the small shape again, but this time I saw it grow when it left my room. In the morning Ziggy was with me.

This continued to happen for two more nights. On the fourth night, I came up with a plan. I would pretend like I was asleep, but I would stay up, watch Ziggy, and follow her. That night when I went to bed, I was nervous and excited.

At about 11:00 pm, Ziggy jumped off the bed. She walked across the floor but while doing so, she grew bigger. I got off the bed and followed her. By the time she was in the middle of the hallway she had grown to the size of a person. She had turned into a woman.

Ziggy walked down the stairs and out the door. I crept after her. She walked to an old building and stepped inside. She walked over to a lizard who changed into a man.

He asked her, “What have you learned?”

Ziggy responded by taking out a passport and birth certificate. The lizard-man smiled and put them in a folder marked Lilly Thomas. My name. I gasped.

Ziggy turned around and saw me. She ran at me and pinned me to the wall. She asked me, “What do you know?”

I said, “I will tell you what I know, if you tell me what is going on.”

Ziggy sighed and said, “This is a group of people who can change into animals. We collect information about humans so that we can protect them. If anybody finds out about this, we will be put in jail. Now, you promised me that you would tell me what you know.”

“Nothing. I don’t know anything except that you were my cat.”

“Promise that you won’t tell anyone anything about this,” she said.

I paused, but finally said, “If you leave me alone and give me back my information, I won’t tell anyone.”

She let go of me and pushed me out the door. I walked home.

The next morning, Ziggy was not there. My mom sighed and said that we would get another cat tomorrow if I was good.

I told her, “I do not want a cat.”

She shrugged and said, “Okay.”

The next week, I saw a newspaper article saying that a group of people had been found and put in jail. The article said that the people had been stealing information about innocent citizens and using it in bad ways. It didn’t say anything about the fact that they were shapeshifters.

A few days later I got a fish named Jane.