Benefits of Pets

Sure, they are cute and cuddly. But they may be giving you much more than affection.


by Claire M.


You walk into your house after a long day of work. You feel something fuzzy against your legs. You look down and see your cat. You sit down on your sofa and your cat jumps up with you. It crawls into your lap and kneads your leg.

Pets have been shown to lower blood pressure, lessen anxiety, and lower the risk of allergies. They help with heart disease and can warn you against a heart attack. Most pets boost our immunity. Pets can give their owner a feeling of being needed which can help with depression and suicide. Cats help prevent strokes and dogs can help get people to get more exercise because dog owners have to walk them.

Pets give people a chance to be responsible that can’t be responsible otherwise. Children can take care of the pets as a way to prepare for adulthood. Children can learn how to take care of other beings by cleaning the pets, feeding them, and giving them water.

Many pets can work in service. Dogs can help lead blind people around as well as help many people with disabilities by leading them around or doing other things that the people need. Pets can also be used for therapy. The most common therapy pets are cats and dogs.

Pets are a joy to take care of. Some pets will cuddle up with you and show affection. Others are very pretty and cute. Still others are funny to play with and watch. All pets are rewarding.

Have you ever felt very angry but then you see your pet and you calm down? This is a sign of how pets calm their owners down. Pets also can relieve nervousness. Interacting with pets releases a stress-relieving hormone that calms you down.

If you got a pet it would decrease the chance that you are depressed, potentially lower your blood pressure, and decrease you likelihood of having a stroke. Pets can give a sense of responsibility which can help prevent suicide. Also, pets are cute, cuddly and rewarding.