Cats Are the Best Pets

Sweet, calm and funny


By Claire M.


Cats are ultimately the best pets. Cats are easy to take care of, you don’t need to walk them or worry about stepping in their poop. Since they mostly just sleep, you can have breaks from them. Cats are affectionate both to people and to other cats. They are very sweet and calm, and they provide entertainment, like making funny noises. My cat, Cleo, yodels when she wants food and when she snores you can hear it across the house.

Dogs require a lot of work and have too much energy, and fish aren’t fun because you can’t play with them and they just sit there. Rodents aren’t as sweet and they stink. Chickens need to live outside and since they are prey, they need to be protected. Birds’ feathers get into your lungs and that is dangerous, and it is just cruel to keep wild animals. Because of all these reasons, cats are definitely the best pets.