Chickens are Ideal

Low maintenance, quiet, and fresh eggs!


By Quinn P.


Chickens are the ideal pets. All you need is a grassy space and a mobile chicken coop. With this setup your chickens will be lower maintenance than a dog; you do not have to take them on walks, they do not require attention, and they are much quieter (in the absence of a rooster or a hen that has learned how to crow). All you need to do is supply them with food and water and wheel their coop to fresh areas of grass. As a bonus, you get free, fresh eggs.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a yard or the right zoning laws to raise chickens, but if you are serious enough you can always try having an indoor chicken. It is possible to litter box train chickens, or you can use diapers. It is like taking care of a baby except it does not cry and you can feed it table scraps. They are also a great conversational piece.