Frogs and Toads!

It’s great to watch them develop from tadpoles.


By Marisa T. and Joseph T.


When getting a pet, most people pick cats, dogs, or fish. But there are other options, for example frogs or toads. Frogs and toads are not labor intensive. They don’t take up much space and they eat bugs that can be caught from your backyard. Since they can go a week without food, only during long vacations are pet sitters needed.

In spring 2016, our dad got about ten tadpoles from his coworker’s pond. We put them in a two and a half gallon tank filled with pond water and rocks. We fed them blanched lettuce. Once they started to grow legs, we put them in a ten-gallon tank with pond water, rocks, sand, dirt, and wheatgrass. It turned out that one of the tadpoles was a tree frog. We fed them little bugs from our backyard. When we realized we couldn’t care for them all, we freed all except one toad and the tree frog. Now, after ten months, they are big, and we feed them crickets and worms.