Issue 2 – Interest

Articles about topics that our writers find especially engaging.




Repurposing – The Story of the 3D Printer by Elizabeth S.

The invention of the 3D wonder

sword-in-grassMedieval Swords by Quinn P.

The design, forging process, and use of these mighty weapons


The Lost Boys of Sudan by Edee M.

The incredible story of refugees escaping from the Sudanese civil war

dusk-2069612_1920Advantages and Disadvantages of Electricity Sources by Devan P.

A break down of the current systems used to generate electricity

strawsStraws are Tubular by Lucy C.-R.

Have you ever wondered why we drink out of straws?

cat-636172_1920Benefits of Pets by Claire M.

Sure, they are cute and cuddly. But they may be giving you much more than affection.

san-francisco-210230_1920Why does Architecture Look the Way it Does? by Aaron M.

A look at the ways that American architecture has changed from the 1880s to the present day.

skunkSkunks Everywhere by Gabo C.-R.

Numerous neighborhood sightings and some consequences