The State of Our Nation

The recent political change and the reactions it has spawned are unprecedented.


by Meshach M.

The recent election and the inauguration of Donald Trump has begun to make the future of this country look bleak. With the immigration restrictions and threats of pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreements it feels as if the nightmares of liberals are coming to fruition. Although I feel that the compound error of the human race is finally catching up with us I also sense that this is an opportunity for great, necessary change with a powerful driving force.

I am afraid that many of these horrible acts — the oppression of minorities, the destruction and pollution of the environment, and the day to day intolerance of individuals that differ from us — would have continued under a Clinton Presidency. She would have worked hard to push for legislative change, but the power of the President can only go so far. ┬áThe real power in the United states does not reside in Congress, or the Supreme court, or the military: it resides in the people. The People who formed this country and created the very systems that we struggle and argue about.

The reactions that I have seen from the American People, especially those that lean politically left, have been astounding. The explosion in social media as well as the real world action is unprecedented. People are coming together to form real, long lasting change. Trump is not the problem, he is the symptom and the United States is much more ill than we thought. The time to act is now, we cannot afford to wait any longer. It is time to make America well again.