Why dogs are the best pets

They love you and get you outside more.


By Daksha L.


I think that dogs are the best pets. First of all, dogs actually play with you. I must say that I cannot imagine a playful boa constrictor. Secondly, dogs vary greatly in size. Depending on your preference, you can get a pocket-sized dog or a Shetland pony sized dog!

Also, dogs force you to go outside. You have to walk them. Cats and other animals may be convenient if you don’t have the time to walk a dog, but I think that people should go outside more if they can.  Last but definitely not least, dogs really love you. They are always happy to see you. They are very loyal and can be very cute and funny. Dogs do ridiculous things to get your attention. I have never met an affectionate toad. That is why dogs are called man’s best friend, not cats, or hamsters, or iguanas, or anything else.