Issue 1, February 2017 (archive)

Welcome to the premier issue of The Dragon’s Journal!


We are a group of homeschooled students living in central Ohio who are pursuing journalism as an educational project. We strive to produce high-quality, original content with a fresh take on the modern world and share the interests that excite us.

We hope you enjoy!

— The members of The Dragon’s Journal project.

 In this Issue:

News and Analysis:

National:  National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act by Meshach M.

Local : Development on North High Street is Rampant by Aaron M.

National: President Obama by Meshach M.


Review: “Arrival”: Not Your Typical Aliens-On-Earth Movie by EdithAnna M.

Fiction: An Unexpected Occurrence by Aaron M.

Fiction: Fantasy Battle Scene by Quinn P.

Fiction: The Spy by Claire M.

Art: Photos from the National Bird Aviary by Raul C.-D.

Home, Garden and Cooking:

Food: Unique Sandwiches by Marisa T.

Food: Vegetarian Pad Thai by EdithAnna M.

Food: Of Biscuits and Cookies by Daksha L.


The Big Bang Theory – Sorry, not the TV Show by Meshach M.

White Nose Syndrome by Daksha L.

Designing the Star Ring  by Quinn P.

Climbing will be added to the 2020 Olympics by Gabriel C.-R.

Popeye’s Pizza by Meshach M.

Graphic Novels vs. Comics by Lucy C.-R.


Obama vs. Trump Climate Policy by Aaron M.



Those kids! by Finn

Toasty by Lucy

Ninja Fish #1 — Meet Mergan by Lucy


The Slimiest Snail by Joseph

The Spy by Claire

Puzzles and Games:

Random crossword by Joseph and Finn

Breakfast word search by Lucy

Mythical scramble by Lucy

Musical word search by Lucy

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